wine tasting

frenzi cucina wijnproeverij

At Frenzi Cucina in Amsterdam we organize a wine tasting with 6 wines. We start the wine tasting with a short introduction of the wine making proces and the tasting technique.

In Frenzi Cucina we often combine the wine tasting with our 3 course dinner the "Italian table". This is a menu with tapas, pasta, risotto, ravioli and dessert. We serve the food on large plates so everyone can serve themselves and sample a variety of dishes.

Have a look at our current menu to get inspired.

For this wine tasting we charge € 47,50 p.p. this is a tasting of 6 wines and the "Italian table" included. All other drinks are extra.

The wine tasting takes about one hour. After this we serve the "Italian table".

Another possibility is to combine the wine tasting with tapas. We serve 5 tapas p.p. also on large plates so it's easy to share.

Price per person € 39,50 the wine tasting with 6 wines and 5 tapas included. All other drinks are extra.

 The prices are calculated for groups of 10 to 20 people. If you only want to taste wine or if you are with a smaler or larger group we can custom make you an offer. Besides the wine tasting at Frenzi Cucina in Amsterdam, we also can come to your location of choosing.

Do contact us if you have more questions or if you like to make a reservation.

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